G-MAN'S GREENSBORO CAPE CRISIS with Chris G., Art Baltazar, Jacob Chabot, Ian Flynn, Brian Smith, Gregg Schigiel & Mike Watkins!

10/24/2009 - 10:00
10/24/2009 - 19:00

We had a FANTASTIC time last weekend putting on G-Man's Greensboro Cape Crisis! Hundreds of people came out to pick up their copies of the G-Man Cape Crisis #2 Acme Comics Exclusive Variant Cover, and hundreds more got great FREE sketches by our visiting artists.

Chris Giarrusso, G-Man, and the Acme Crew

We'd like to take this chance to thank Chris, Art, Jacob, Ian, Smitty, Gregg, and Michael for coming out and working so hard for so long. Both the staff and our customers appreciate everything that you guys did and can't wait to have you back again in the future! Until then, we'll just have to enjoy all of the wonderful books that you guys put out!

We, the Acme Staff, also have to thank everyone that gave us a hand that day: Adam, Douglas, Melissa, Carly, Jim, Ryan, Joe, Julie, Jay, and everyone else that leant a hand. There's only a few of us and you guys do everything you can to make sure that nothing and no one slips through the cracks!

And our CUSTOMERS, without whom none of this would be possible. All of the creators were blown away with the response you gave them and the enthusiasm you showed for their works. Greensboro LOVES comics!

Art's Wrap-Up Interview
Gregg's Wrap-Up Interview
Jacob's Wrap-Up Interview
Brian's Wrap-Up Interview
Chris's Wrap-Up Interview

How did all this happen?  As you know, we at Acme Comics try our best to keep things interesting.Perpetually.  We literally sit around brainstormingat ALL times about the "next thing."  We come up with some pretty outlandish things that somehow actuallydo end up getting consideration. And sometimes become reality. Severalmonths ago a random thought turned into an email to one of our favoritecomic creators who happens to have a mini series in production rightnow.

That creator is Chris Giarrusso. Chris is a good, good friend of thestore and Greensboro. Kids in Greensboro LOVE Mini Marvels and G Man. On Monday we sold our80th copy of the Rock Paper Scissors digest. We have photocopies ofChris G sketches that kids colored on FCBD up in the windows andeveryone stops to look at them.   With G Man Cape Crisiscoming out from Image, that random thought turned into an email toChris.  Next thing you know,  Acme Comics wascommissioning its very own, first ever, exclusive variant cover to acomic book.

With things progressing faster than any of us imagined, the next thingto sort out was what the cover would be.  Who doesn't love a goodhomage cover?   So we scanned through our Gerber Photo Journalslooking for iconic and easily recognizable comic book covers.  We cameup withsome strong potentials, but then one jumped into my mind that I hadn'tactually seen in the journals yet.  Just like that, we had our cover.

But why stop there? Take it another step further. Lord Retail style.  

While it was something clearly associate with the store through thedecades, the imageof the Acme Bat mascot was used less and less until it finally slippedcompletely away.  On my watch. And a part of me always felt bad about that.  But everything happensfora reason. We had the homage cover that we wanted.  And we had a popularartist with an art style that is known in our community.  It was timefor aredesign.  A new Acme Bat for a new generation.

We did this because we feel strongly about our community and we wantedto do something that the people of Greensboro could be excited aboutand call their own.  The Greensboro name truly is ringing out in theindustry as a place that is supportive of comics.  We wanted to givesomething back to the city that has supported us for 26 years. Something it could say was its own.  Sure we make it up as we go along,butI'm proud to say that I think we got this one pretty right.  So markyour calendars and take the day off work!  Because you don't want tomiss this.


Chris Giarrusso

Chris G.  G-Man

Chris Giarrusso has developed one of the most fully realized styles in modern comics. The guy can draw anythingin his signature style. In the late 90s Chris created the Bullpen Bitscomic strip for Marvel's Bullpen Bulletin letters pages.  Bullpen Bitsthen evolved into the Mini Marvels comic books and back ups storiesthat have become so beloved around Acme! Chris also created his owncharacter called G-Man and and an entire supporting cast of charactersthat can be found in the G-Man one-shot, the first G-Man digest Learning to Fly, and the upcoming Cape Crisis mini-series. Chris can be found at Chris G Comics.com. 

Jacob Chabot

Jacob  Mighty Skullboy Army

Jacob Chabot's comic the Mighty Skullboy Army (collected by Dark Horse) has been named one of the Top 5 mini comics by Wizard Magazine (#2, to be exact) and was Eisner nominated in 2008 in the best publication for teens category. He's also created comics like Space Chick and Space Chicken and the Beetle. He's done work for Marvel collected in the Stan Lee Meets hardcover, Marvel Assistant Sized Spectacular #1-2, and the upcoming Strange Tales from Marvel Max. Jacob calls Beetle Bug Comics.com home.

Gregg Schigiel

Gregg  Pix

In his own words:

Soby way of professional bio, here's about 13 years in a about 4 shortparagraphs: I started in comics, after a summer internship at Marvel('96), as a penciller who shortly thereafter (after penciling onecomic) joined the Marvel editorial staff as an assistant editor ('97).While at Marvel, when time and opportunities allowed for it, Icontinued to work as a penciller both on comics as well as creativeservices projects.

Ileft Marvel ('00) to work as an illustrator with Nickelodeon, creatingcharacter art and working on product approvals for their licensedcharacters.

Ileft the full-time position at Nickelodeon ('02) to pursue a full-timefreelance cartoonist/illustrator career, which is what I've been doingsince.

A lot of my work (if you're curious) can be seen at www.hatterentertainment.com.

Art Baltazar

Art Baltazar   Patrick

From Art Baltazar.com:

Check this out! Art is a super cartoonist machine from the heart of Chicago! He's all about peace, love, and joy. He defines cartoons and comics not only as an artstyle, but as a way of life. Art started his funky secret art studio in 1994 with his self-published comic book "The Cray Baby Adventures." Since then, he created other comics such as "Gyro-Man", "Captain Camel & the Space Chicken", "Jimmy Dydo", "Lunar Lizard", "Meteor Mite", and the famous "Patrick the Wolf Boy". This guy shows no sign of stopping!

Artie has also had a few gigs with Warner Bros. and had a monthly comic strip in Disney Adventures Magazine called "GORILLA GORILLA"! Art has some cool character design skills and has recently complete the "Big Amoeba" graphic novel for Platinum Studios.

Currently, Artie is the creative force behind DC Comics' TINY TITANS. From small press to mainstream in a heartbeat! Art is living the dream! He stay home and draws comics and never has to leave the house!

Brian Smith

Stuff of Legend  Basics  Daniel Boom   

From Brian Smith Illustration.com:

Brian Smith works from his studio in Montclair, NJ, where he is available for whatever illustration, cartooning, or character design needs you may have. In previous lives, he's worked as an Editor at Marvel Comics, and as the Character Art Manager for Nickelodeon in N.Y.

He lives with his beautiful wife Sarah, several plants, and a million video games.